Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the Houston Spaceport open for business?

A. Yes, the Spaceport is open for business, with space available for researching, building and testing a wide range of commercial space applications, with unparalleled access to the tools, facilities and infrastructure you need.

Q. What activities are, or will be, performed at the Houston Spaceport?

A. Activities conducted in or from the Houston Spaceport could include microsatellite deployment, drone development, zero gravity experiments, space tourism, vehicle assembly, astronaut training, and component and composite research and development.

Q. Does the Houston Spaceport have full runway access?

A.  Yes, and Ellington’s new full-length taxiway, planned for 2017, will run parallel to runway 4-22 and provide airside access to the spaceport’s hangars and aprons.

Q.) Do spacecraft launches pose a threat to residents in the Houston area?

A. No, spaceflight operations at Houston Spaceport are no different than typical aviation activities. Spaceflights departing from the Spaceport will take off under existing jet power in the direction of the Gulf of Mexico. The spacecraft will transition to rocket power once it reaches a high altitude over the Gulf of Mexico.

Q. Who operates the Houston Spaceport?

A. The Houston Spaceport is owned and operated by the Houston Airport System, a department of the City of Houston. As a part of Houston Airports, the Houston Spaceport is an integral component of one of the largest travel infrastructures on the planet.

Q. What are “Phase One” operations?

A.) “Phase One” refers to the development of the initial 90 acres of the Houston Spaceport. Phase One began in the summer of 2016 with the opening of the Houston Aerospace Support Center and will continue with the building of the Innovation Hub, projected to break ground in 2017.

Q.) Where is the Houston Spaceport Located?

As the world’s first truly urban spaceport, the Houston Spaceport is located at Ellington Airport, in the heart of the Houston metroplex on a campus stretching over 400 acres.

Q.) Is it easy to get to the Spaceport?

A.) Yes. Just minutes from downtown, the Spaceport is located about ten minutes from William P. Hobby Airport, accessible by major highways and just meters away from NASA facilities.

Q.) Can I take a tour of the Houston Spaceport to determine if it’s a good fit for my business?

A. Absolutely.* Please call 713.XXX.XXXX to visit the Spaceport, or to schedule a walkthrough of the Houston Aerospace Support Center.

*Sorry, public tours are not available at this time